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December 22, 2016

Staff Reports:

Dear Friends,

From Bob:

December 22, 2016: Since I am the one who sets up at the beginning of our time at the plaza, today I chose a spot that was further away from the main door and main traffic area, thinking that, for a change, maybe a quieter environment and a little further away from passersby would be better.  And, for this time at least, it was.  The expectation was that those who had a need would come to us wherever we might be.  I gave out just three or four books but had several quality conversations.  One young man was just out of a 30-day in-patient rehab for addictions.  He has a pretty good grasp on the idea that his real self has never been enslaved, that he is a spiritual being, and that hatred and anger and despair about past events will get him nowhere. Tina had copied several Sentinel articles about breaking addictive behavior, one of which I gave him, and he was pleased to get that example plus S&H plus a recent Sentinel.  He mentioned that he would never have stopped to talk with someone at a stand in the bus plaza, but felt comfortable in this case.  Nice.

Two apparently homeless women were attracted to the title The Ultimate Freedom; one took it and one took S&H plus a Sentinel after a short discussion.  It's so freeing to ignore the immediate appearance and give our best shot at seeing with spiritual eyes, "...beholding in Science the perfect man...." 

From Tina:

Dec. 22, 2016: There is no report from Tina this week.

From Barb:

From Theodora